Intertek Testing Services

Lab Reference: 02-2447
Date Tested: 06/12/02
Sample Designated As: Low Sulfur Diesel
Taken From:
At: ITS/CB Tampa Lab By: Intertek Testing Services/Caleb Brett
Representing: Blending Diesel Before RxP additive and with RxP additive

Report of Analysis

Test Name Method Before W/RxP Units
Fuel conforms with ASTM D-975-01a guidelines both before and after addition of additive.
Flash Point ASTM D-93A 152 152 deg F
Viscosity @ 40 deg C ASTM D-445 3.00 3.00 cSt
Cloud Point ASTM D-2500 -12/10 -12/10 Deg C/F
Sulfur ASTM D-4294 0.0452 0.0465 %wt.
Sediment & Water ASTM D-1796 0.025 0.025 %vol.
Ash ASTM D-482 0.001 0.001 %wt.
Carbon Residue 10% Bottoms ASTM D-524 0.18 0.18 %wt.
Distillation 90% ASTM D-86 637.6 636.9
Cetane Index ASTM D-4737 42.9 43.0
Copper Corrosion ASTM D-130 1a 1a

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Ron Dicket
Intertek Testing Services/Caleb Brett
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